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What we do?

Transversal management of all IT&C means that will serve  event/ festival. Coverage: END TO END (everything between public access area and artists’ backstage, scenes, etc.) The beneficiaries of IT&C services are all departments (from end-users – employees, volunteers, partners/sponsors, top management, artist, artist technical team, suppliers, partners, etc.).

  • Centralizing the needs

  • Identifying solutions

  • Cost estimation and optimizing

  • Equipment supplying

  • IT&C Suppliers onsite management

  • IT Inventory management

  • Digital signage management

  • Printing systems management

  • Single point of contact for support

  • Business continuity & Disaster recovery plans


The days when the internet in the venue was just a fad in an event production have passed since long ago. Nowadays, in some locations, you can’t even start working if you don’t have the wireless password already on your desk.
Why would you try to do everything on your own? Why would you believe that dealing with IT matters instead of doing actual production could be an option? why wouldn’t you leave such an important aspect in the hands of professionals?
The cost of exposing your event to any of the possible risks not covered properly will certainly be higher than the cost of letting us offer our help.

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